sohail bawani


emotions & Consciousness


There is a whole world beyond our conscious awareness and sensory perceptions. The layers of our unconscious and subconscious mind and body carry patterns that our conscious awareness is unable to comprehend. When trauma occurs, it is stored in our bodies, and this give rise to patterns that we carry in our adult lives. These patterns are so ingraved in our body and mind that they become part and parcel of our personalities; and away from conscious awareness. 


Emotional awareness is key to unravel these patterns as this is the gateway to our unconscious and subconscious mind and body. When we are triggered by any external situation, it is the perfect time to reexamine and alter them.


As an Emotions & Consciousness Coach, my aim is to help people resolve past wounds and hurt that gave rise to these undesireable patterns in the first place through emotional awareness.  


Healing for me is a partnership between the healer and the healee, the conventional therapist-client relationship does not apply, as both take ownership of the healing process and strive for fulfillment and resolution.


"The wound is the place where the light enters you" - RUMI




'No Man Overboard'

by Julia Reintz