sohail bawani




Peter Colaric, Slovenia

Sohail was really a safe person to have a session with, we actually sank down into the deepest levels of my trauma, and went into sexual abuse I experienced as a child. There were a lot of sensations in the body, took a long time to feel them, but he stayed with me through all of that. He also helped to remind me how to be present with my emotions, because I had lost touch with how to do that for a while. More importantly, he helped to validate the emotions that were coming, which is something that I forgot how to do properly. He helped remind me of that. He was open to hearing me. He was compassionate to all aspects of my experience (Even the ones that I was super ashamed of), even when I thought that this is too much time, and there’s no way, he’d wanna be there for me so long. He proved me wrong. A few times actually. And I’m grateful that he did. What I think is the best thing, is that I feel much more empowered and I see a brighter future for myself.

Beata Zoladz, San Diego, US

My session with Sohail was very powerful and deep. Even though I feel like every CP in a sense is, but Sohail's presence allowed me to surrender and really go into connecting to my trauma fully. Though the trigger we worked with was powerful, Sohail’s presence made me feel safe and supported.
In my opinion, what makes Sohail an exceptional facilitator is his ability to tap into you; perceive and be present not only for parts you are revealing, but he also understands needs underlining these parts and is able to guide you towards understanding yourself. It’s almost like he sees your truth more clearer than you do and leads you to it.
That to me was presence which helped my walls to surrender to the process, though it was painful. Throughout the whole process, I felt supported and guided, at the same time having space for allowing my process to unfold.
Amazing experience. Thank you Sohail.

Erik Tresse,

Gestalt therapist, Norway

Sohail Bawani is an Emotions & Consciousness Coach with a unique presence. His empathic attunement brings a feeling of profound safety and allows you to dig deep into your emotional problems. With his natural ability to hold space for, and validate, painful experiences, you will be able to approach the underlying needs and bring more clarity to your lifepath. I recommend him highly.

Nicole Murphy, School Psychologist, California, US

I was nervous working with someone new during my first session with Sohail but he was able to easily navigate my nervousness and hold space for the parts of me that were scared to explore my emotions. I felt like Sohail was attuned to me and I quickly felt comfortable as he guided me through the processes. I consider myself good at doing parts work and these processes on myself but when it comes to letting someone else in it’s much more difficult for me which is why I appreciate Sohail’s skill and patience. At the end of the session, with my permission, Sohail offered me valuable insight about a protective part I have. I had not realized that this protective part was so dominant until speaking with him and I’m very glad for this new perspective.

Claire Morisseau, France

I've had several CPs and Parts Works sessions with Sohail and I can say I highly benefited from his work. I immediately felt a connection with him. His presence feels safe, gentle and comforting. He's very good at holding space, validating and understanding. He's also very good at channeling and he made me aware of parts of me that I couldn't access. He masters the techniques he's using and also has a great knowledge of psychology which allows him to give in-depth insights. I gained clarity and confidence. I love working with him and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to face their emotions and heal.

Tobias Inti Obermayr, Austria

The 3 characteristics that make Sohail a capable and excellent practitioner, in my experience, are the following: He looked at being present with me as a Service, quote "I am at your service." which is an endearing and trust-building attitude and I felt right away that he meant it. Secondly he is present in a non-judgemental, loving and respectful way, that gave me the relaxation, time and comfort to dive deep into the shadows of my being. Thirdly he guided me competently and calmly through the process, staying there as the stable presence, holding my hand, but letting me be in the centre of my process, so as I could 100% focus on what was happening inside me, giving me the opportunity to access deep held emotions and find peace with a part of my past and, by doing so, part of myself. I value Sohail's humility and respectfulness highly and can with a clear conscience recommend him to you, when you are looking for a practitioner who does this for the right reasons. Thank you Sohail!


Maryam Akbar, Toronto, Canada


The session with Sohail left me deeply relaxed. Since then, over the past few weeks, I have felt calmer and slowed down a little. I'm usually quite fast-paced and impatient, so this was quite a change. I was observing and "walking past" things which usually bothered me (i.e. my mental energy was not being expended as unnecessarily). I am eager to see what will unfold over the longer term.

Thank you, Sohail!