I was born to a typical South Asian family and as one could have imagined was super enmeshed. I was deeply wounded from narcissistic abuse especially by my father, grand mother and uncles living together in the same household. I soon lost my sense of boundaries and self. I was highly emotionally neglected and always felt unloved Sohail Bawani Life Coachand abandoned, with zero sense of belonging in the family. I went through extreme loneliness and depression in my youth. A broken love affair pushed me towards spirituality and figuring out ‘what is wrong with me’.

Since 2018, when I was first stumbled upon Teal Swan and saw these patterns governing my life, my entire adulthood has become a struggle to recover from emotional neglect, codependency, loneliness and enmeshed boundaries. But at the same time, I feel compelled to share what I am learning and have learned while being in the recovery process with people who really want to end the apparently never ending toxicity in relationships.

I want to share that we all have the power to re/create our own realities and life is not deterministic as it appears to us. Our deepest trauma in the hindsight can be our deepest strength to shape our worlds.

I am a Completion Process Certified Practitioner; Certified Humanistic Counselor accredited by the CPCAB, United Kingdom; and pursing PhD in Sociology, which is really helping me to understand how trauma is a socially constructed phenomenon from cross cultural and comparative perspective.

Healing for me is a partnership between the healer and the healee, the conventional therapist-client relationship does not apply, as both take ownership of the healing process and strive for fulfillment and resolution.

Writing blogs about my personal journey and my interactions with clients helps me reflect and further strengthened my practice as a personal coach. Through my writings I want to connect with like minded people; share what my excellence is; and help people those who need it the most.

I can be contacted on integration.process@gmail.com

Reconnect. Integrate. Thrive


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